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About Us

Vaal Dam Properties is the longest serving estate agency on the Gauteng side of the Vaal Dam. Established in 1990 by Adrian Pilling, who with his family and partners has built and / or marketed over 25 developments on the Vaal Dam.

Adrian and his family has personally built from the ground up, 3 stunning developments,  namely, Sunset Cove, Bayshore Marina and  Burgandy Bay. The company holds numerous marketing records including that of the most successful property launch at the Vaal Dam Ever, achieving 62 sales in 4 hours.

 The Vaal Dam Properties Team is completely focused on the Vaal Dam and the environs and this is what makes us the dominant force in the area. We are currently associated with numerous developers and our unique database of investors makes us a necessary partner in any new project. Our professional team takes care of the whole process including:- 

  • Land acquisition (Joint Ventures are a feature of our service)
  • Syndications and raising finance
  • Rezoning and town planning
  • Layout and architectural
  • Building and Project Management
  • Launching and running of the development
  • Bond finance.
  • Estate planning and Sworn Evaluations

 Adrian started the company simply because there was nobody in the area to service his projects. Vaal Dam Properties has now grown into a highly specialized company servicing the leisure industry with over 2000 property sales to it’s credit. It stands out from all others because of the unique marketing methods developed over the past two decades including a database of over 11,000 clients, newsletters, investor presentations, a referral network of over 300 agents in Gauteng and much more.

 For domestic re-sales Vaal Dam Properties leads the field with many hundreds of re-sales accomplished every year. The huge database of clients and buyers allows us to match the correct property with the correct purchaser, thus ensuring a speedy transaction.

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