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Welcome to Vaal Dam Properties

Properties, lifestyle, properties at the vaal dam, vaal dam properties, waterfront estates, stands, resorts or leisure real estate. The Vaal Dam has it all for you. Vaal Dam Properties  has is the biggest property company on the dam and is here to serve you.

The Vaal Dam is bigger than Luxembourg. It consists of a separate water system that is completely clean. The water has comes from two sources, the Vaal River and now the Wilge River.

It is the Wilge River that receives fresh mountain water form the Lesotho Highlands Water Project. This water is mountain pure and is the water that is supplied to the municipalities of Johannesburg. You drink this stuff so it's as pure as you can get!!!

The Vaal Dam is growing fast and properties are on the rise again. Give us a call and we will put together a portfolio for you to view.

With almost 1000kms of coastline (no body really knows how long it is)  there is a lot to choose from at the Vaal Dam.

Come and choose your spot now.

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Vaal Dam - R 1,420,000

Vaal Dam - R 900,000